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Move The BallMove The Ball
Move the ball along the track and avoid touching the wall
Muay Thai v3Muay Thai v3
Battle against dangerous enemies with your Thai character
Mud RallyMud Rally
guide the frog on the lotus leaf to follow the muddy track
Naked MeleeNaked Melee
summon as many minion as possible to fight the alien - by clicking your mouse button as quickly as p
Namnum Valleyball ChampionshipNamnum Valleyball Championship
Frogs playing volley ball in the beach
Guide Naruto to avoid the Ninja Shuriken
Over SteerOver Steer
Race the track in the fastest possible time - your score will be checked against online database
PMG RacingPMG Racing
Select from 4 vehicles in this racing game
Avoid the falling snowflake
clone of the all time classic Pacman game
Pang 2001Pang 2001
Split the ball into 2 using multiple shooting device
As adam Cassidy you are forced into corporate espionage. You will be in Trion Systems HQ in search o
use the peanut as ball to play penalty shootout with the Nut brothers in a game of table nutball
Pedestrian KillerPedestrian Killer
Hit as many pedestrians as possible
Pest AttackPest Attack
Clean up the house - get rid of all the rats and spiders
Ping AIPing AI
remake of the classic Pong arcade game.
Pingu SportsPingu Sports
This is a very funny variation of the classic Arkanoid game using pingu the penguin as character
Collect gold and other treasure while staying away from piranha-infested waters and other nasty crea
Police BikePolice Bike
Ride on the Police Bike and catch the street gangsters
Pong 2000Pong 2000
Play Pong against the computer
Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle. However, jumping will slow it down a little
Presidential KnockoutPresidential Knockout
Try to knock out either of the Presidential candidates
Princess Maker 4Princess Maker 4
Another Dance to the beat game with characters from the Princess Maker 4
Punch Sadness Out of Happy LandPunch Sadness Out of Happy Land
Punch some clown face to make your day a better day
Raiden XRaiden X
Clone of the classic fighter plane game Raiden X
Rally 2100Rally 2100
This is simple but interesting. All you need to do is use your mouse to make turn and avoid your oth
Guide the frog to pick up the yellow stars and avoiding the poisoned flowers.
Rigelian HotshotsRigelian Hotshots
Control the fireball and attack all targets
Round RongRound Rong
Rong is simple a Circular version of Pong
Run OverRun Over
Try to run over as many people as possible
Sail VoyageSail Voyage
Your mission is to voyage across the Tasman sea. Go through as many level as you can manage.
Samurai AssholeSamurai Asshole
You master died at a dinner held by the three religious leaders. You must avenge his death. The thre
Save Them GoldfishSave Them Goldfish
Save the goldfish out of the frying pan and put them back into the acquarium.
Shark AttackShark Attack
Beware of Shark
Sheep InvadersSheep Invaders
Galaxy clone using flying sheep
Sheep JumperSheep Jumper
Guide the dog to jump over the sheep
Instead of Frog in Frogger, you get Sheep in Sheepish. Different graphic, the same addictiveness and
Shino BeatShino Beat
Slash on enemies that blocked your way to their boss!
Shoot For The SkyShoot For The Sky
Collect power-ups so that you can win the game easier
Shuriken AssaultShuriken Assault
Fire Shuriken full speed and never let any Ninja come near you
Skating Down Shit Street!Skating Down Shit Street!
Avoid the shit while you were skating down Shit Street
You have to destroy all the blocks in order to advance to the next level
Snack AttackSnack Attack
Deliver your meal up the stairs. Bes ure to balance yourself and hang on to the food
A remake of the classic snake game
Snake HuntSnake Hunt
Classic snake game - pick up apples and your snake grow longer
Snake Hunt BetaSnake Hunt Beta
The classic snake game, with revamped graphics.
This is another version of the classic game Snake
Snap ShotSnap Shot
This game is for testing you reactivity.
Sneaky Thief AdventureSneaky Thief Adventure
This is a tough game of maze. You have to sneak into the castle and steal treasures.
Sonic TripSonic Trip
A platform game wusing character from the Sonic series
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